Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gradebook is damaged and can't be opened.

If you get the error "Gradebook is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash." while trying to install the stand-alone PowerTeacher application, try this solution found on below:

PowerTeacher Gradebook has a way of opening Mac that bypass Java which may cause following error: 'Gradebook is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash.'
  • Click on  (upper left) | System Preferences… | Security & Privacy ➟ Click on the Lock (picture icon lower left) and enter your password (usually district email password) click on Unlock 
  • General ➟ 'Allow applications downloaded from:' click on Anywhere
  • Click on Allow From Anywhere and launch PowerTeacher Gradebook

Thursday, October 17, 2013

YTO - Disable YouTube Ads and More

Tired of YouTube suggesting less-than-appropriate adds in the classroom?  There's an app for that!  If you are running Google Chrome (and you should be) then simply install this extension and YouTube will behave the way you want it to:

From the developer:

YouTube Options: disable pre-roll ads, in-video ads, annotations, and auto-play; change resolution, display size, optional Flash pre-buffering, disable DASH, looping/replay, video audio volume, SSL, keyboard controls, use your mouse scroll-wheel to change the size, volume, or fast forward or fast rewind the video, auto-resize the video when scrolling down the page; download all available versions of the media (this will require installing the full version from the developers website).

Supports HTML5, "Feather" beta, and embedded YouTube interfaces.

HTML5-only features include keyboard support for fullscreen playback and showing or hiding annotations and an option to adjust all video playback speed.

Flash videos are pre-buffered as much as they can be when using the disable auto-play option.  If you don't like pre-buffering, there is an option to turn it off.  There is even an option to observe Wadsworth's constant.  You can try and pre-buffer the entire Flash video by disabling DASH.

Set your preferred video codec to Flash or HTML5, desired display size or resolution, automatically sync the display size to the resolution, expand video to the size of window, or remember your custom size and apply it to all your videos.

Page modifications include the ability to disable everything on the page except for the video (header, guide, video title, description, user comments, suggested videos, footer, playlist, branding) and matting or dimming the background.  You can also restore the video frame from the old YouTube interface and reverse playlists.

Use the page action popup menu to hide parts of the page or everything on the page with one click, turn looping/replay on or off, disable all page filtering once or until you say otherwise, or adjust the display size on-the-fly.

Open suggested videos in a new window, a popout window, or over the top of the existing video.  Mouse-over a suggested video to start it playing.

Extensive keyboard support for most YouTube Options features: start and stop the video, change the resolution and the display size, show and hide page items, and set the video volume.

Create a RSS link to the owner of the YouTube video, Twitter, or Instagram author for The Old Reader, Feedly, or InoReader.

Change the YouTube page icon (favicon) to show the status of the video - playing, paused, stopped, or buffering.

Please see the "Support" link for usage tips and support requests.

Most (not all) features also work with Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, G4TV, FEARnet, Funny or Die, Hulu, The Escapist, the Dump, and Twitter.

Please note:
* Please only leave reviews in the "User reviews" section.  Please use the "Website" link or the "Report an issue" button in the options for support or feature requests.
* YouTube Options has limited functionality on user or channel pages.
* YouTube Options does not do any audio or video conversions, encoding, or re-encoding.
* To save FLV, MP4, WebM, 3D, and 3GP formats from YouTube and other select sites in all available resolutions, you must use the full version from the "Developer website" link.
* YouTube does not have published or stable APIs for HTML5 video, so options affecting HTML5 video may not work.
* Extensions with overlapping functionality or Flash-blocking abilities can prevent YouTube Options from working correctly.
* Also available for Safari 5.1+ and Opera 15+.
* The page-scroll-resize option is similar to Felix Blaschke’s (forgotten) Intelligent Scrolling feature. If you are Felix or know Felix please have him contact us so we can get his blessing for imitating this feature.

Warning explained:
When installing the extension it says "This extension can access: Your browsing history, Your data on all websites".  This is the default warning for any extension that needs content script access to all websites. This access is needed for detecting YouTube videos on third-party pages and previously opened windows or tabs.

Do not host, archive, or distribute YouTube Options without written permission from smart people on ice, LLC. (spoi).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Important Update from Pearson

Java Update 1.7.0_45 issue with PowerTeacher Gradebook
and ReportWorks Developer

Pearson has identified an issue where PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks Developer do not successfully launch on computers running the latest version of Java (version 1.7.0_45) on Mac and Windows.

Pearson recommends that teachers and other staff avoid updating to this version of Java in order to continue using PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks Developer.


In many cases, users who have already updated to the latest version of Java can use the alternate launch method for PowerTeacher Gradebook and ReportWorks Developer.

Pearson is actively investigating this issue. Additional information will be provided in a future tech note once a solution is available.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Phishing Reminder

As reported a couple times last year, phishing is pretty common through email. Here is an example of a phishing email received by one of our administrators this morning:

From: Kevin Crider
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2013 3:01 AM
To: Kevin Crider
Subject: Notification!
This message is from IT Service Desk informing you to validate your Email Account, we are conducting an upgrade in all Email Account, all users are to verify his/her account information for upgrade, CLICK HERE to go to Validate your account.
You will not be able to receive new mails until you Re-Validate your Email Account.
IT Service Desk.
Though Google's email filters should pick this up, if you receive something like this or similar, please mark as spam and remove.

Note: You will only receive IT emails from district IT, never from an outside source.  Never give out your account information.