Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Google Apps + YouTube

I hope your summer is going well!

A friendly reminder from the IT Department and your Tech Leaders - all students 1-8 will have Google Apps for Education (GAFE - Gmail / Google Drive / etc.) accounts come start of the new year.  Hopefully you are ready to take full advantage of this in the fall.  If you're not using it at home already, we highly recommend you start playing with it.  We will have a couple refresher courses at the start of the year for those that need it once you're settled back into the classroom.  For a refresher on your own this summer, check out the very useful Google Apps Learning Center.  Everything you want to know about using GAFE effectively (check out their video section too).

Also, with high-speed internet added to your buildings this summer, YouTube has also been opened up district-wide.  It is recommended that you use the Chrome web-browser with the Cleanr extension enabled (we have it enabled by default). Cleanr strips away comments and ads from the videos you view in the classroom.  As you know, the comments on YouTube can get, shall we say, colorful.

If you plan to use YouTube in the classroom this fall, I strongly encourage you to read this wonderful article: The Teacher's Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom and this article on Guiding Principles on weebly.  It's a little dated, but the material in there is still relevant.

Please note:  YouTube is open to all, including your students for research.  Please be aware of this while in the labs (open / classroom) or with the laptops and iPads in the classroom.  Streaming video is still a resource hog.  Keep in mind that YouTube is a form of Social Media.  There are new sections to the AUP which you and students will be signing in the fall to address the new acceptance of Social Media in the district (YouTube, Twitter, etc).

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