Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharing Google Docs outside the Domain

For staff using Google Docs on a regular basis, it has no doubt made your life and organization much easier - especially when it comes to collaboration with staff.  I won't get into how to share documents for collaboration, as that has been covered in great depth at all of your after-school workshops this year.

But, you may run into a situation where you need to share a Google Doc with someone outside the domain.  What then?

Well, there are a couple things to think about:
  1. Do I want to give this person edit or read-only abilities?
  2. Does this person have a gmail address (
If the person you are sharing with has a gmail address the shared doc will appear in their Drive account and accessing it shouldn't be an issue for them.  If the user does not have a gmail address, the best solution is to have them create one (it eliminates confusion and the potential extra hoops they need to go through to access the document) though I know this can't be required of outside users.

Once you click "yes" to share outside the organization, the user you are sharing with will receive a link will take them to a Google Drive sign-in page with the option to sign-up. They may choose to have a Google Drive account with a Yahoo! email address or any address for that matter, but they will have to have an account before it will give them access to modify this document.

Hope this clears up any issues you may have been seeing with collaboration.

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