Monday, April 22, 2013

gClassFolders Shared Folders in Google Drive

One of our staff (thank you Diane!) pointed me to a great free tool highlighted on Free Technology for Teachers called gClassFolders.  This allows you to create a simple dropbox for your students to hand in and collect assignments, all online.  This could be quite handy for you in the fall when all your students will have full access to the power of Google Drive.

gClassFolders is a free, Google-Spreadsheet-based add-on for Google Apps for EDU that creates class folders for students and teachers to simplify and streamline their experience of using Google's world class productivity and collaboration tools in the classroom.

To setup, just follow the instructions on the gClassFolders website (URL:  I went through the steps this morning and it is fairly straight forward.

Once you are comfortable with that, you can try your hand with Doctopus.

...doctopus script gives teachers the ability to auto-generate, pre-share, and manage grading and feedback on templated Docs for group and individual projects.

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