Thursday, March 7, 2013

Substitute Addendum to AUP


The district administration will now allow substitute teachers to access technology in the classroom in a limited capacity.  The verbiage is:

Short-term substitute teachers should only use district technologies as indicated in the classroom teacher’s lesson plans. Under no circumstances should a substitute teacher use the school computer/network for email or other personal use. The district does not provide email accounts for short-term substitute teachers.

Your front office will have the sub sign a modified AUP when they come into the building, giving them this access, should you grant it in your classroom.

What this means for you:

  • You may now include the use of technology for your substitute teachers in your sub-plans.  Be very specific in what they are allowed to do (for example, show a Keynote on XYZ to class…).
  • Substitues may now help students use technology in the classroom (computer lab, carts, iPads, etc).
  • For computer testing (NWEA, etc.) - there must still be a classroom teacher present.
  • The sub may not use computers for any personal use.  No exceptions.

I hope this makes things a little easier for you all!

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