Monday, February 11, 2013

Use of Personal Hotspots

Good Morning-

It has come to the attention of the IT Department through our network monitoring software that there have been several personal mobile hotspots* running throughout the district.  Running a personal hotspot (MiFi Device, iPhone Tethering, etc) bypasses all of the district network security and filtering that is in place and is a direct violation of the student and staff Acceptable Use Policies (AUP).

The network filtering is in place to assure we are in-line with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements for our federal funding and eRate funding.  Bypassing the network filtering puts the entire district in danger of losing all federal and eRate funding.

If you see any students creating personal hotspots in the classroom, please report this to IT or your building administration.  If you, as a staff member, have any personal hotspots enabled, please disable them immediately.  The IT department is beginning to monitor these devices with more vigilance.

Thank you-

*Personal Mobile Hotspot -A small personal device that creates a small area of Wi-Fi coverage allowing nearby Wi-Fi devices to connect to the Internet.