Monday, January 7, 2013

Do NOT Store Passwords

Something the IT Department sees pretty often while working on district computers is stored passwords.  Storing passwords is the equivalent of leaving your car keys in your vehicle with the engine running - this just opens the door for all kinds of bad things to happen.

Having a password remembered makes it easy for anyone with devious intentions to access your accounts; like your school gmail, your home bank accounts or anywhere else you are storing passwords.  Basically, you took away the challenge.

As a note, writing your passwords on a sticky note is just as dangerous!

To Forget Passwords

To protect yourself, here is how to get rid of all your saved passwords:


Click on Chrome -> Clear Browsing Data...:

From the screen that pops up, check these suggested boxes:

Then click on Clear Browsing Data.


Click on Safari -> Preferences...:

When the window pops up, click on Passwords at the top:

Click on Remove All to delete every saved password in Safari.


Click on Firefox -> Preferences...:

In the window that pops up, click on Security and UNCHECK Remember passwords for sites:

Then click on Saved Passwords...:

Click on Remove All to clear all saved passwords from Firefox.

Next time the browser offers to save your passwords, please just say no.

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