Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Some of you may be noticing emails like this (or similar) in your SPAM folder - or it may be slipping into your inbox.  These types of emails are phishing emails.  Basically, these advertisers trick you into clicking a link and acknowledging that your email address is legitimate. Please, do not fall for these.

Before opening a link, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I register on the site with my school email address?  In accordance with the AUP, you would not have.
  2. Does the from address look accurate?  Would Facebook be sending a message from
  3. Before clicking on the link, preview it (drop down arrow next to the link).  Does it really go to where it claims to go?  In this case, no.  It goes to a dating site:

With these kinds of emails, just ignore them and send them to junk (the thumbs down icon in Mac Mail or the exclamation point (!) in Gmail.  If you have not clicked the link, no harm has been done.

As always, when in doubt, don't click a link.  Email me, and I will look at it for you.  Even if it's from your home personal account.


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